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After Further Review … Meyer’s message plus Smith’s spin equals a PR mess

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer released a letter in response to a media report and within minutes, his recently fired assistant, Zach Smith did a radio interview about his ex-wife Courtney’s domestic abuse accusations. Together the combination made like a parfait made of chocolate syrup, spinach and beets. It was nasty. There are lots […]

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NFL takes another PR hit; NY Giants fumble words and inaction

Do you remember how the NFL and its teams were going to aggressively discipline those charged with domestic violence, and assured fans that they wouldn’t stand for it any longer? That was so 2014. Today if you look at facts that have come to light about New York Giants kicker Josh Brown during the last […]

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The wildly popular NFL is here to stay, so it should step up and do good

Yes, the National Football League has image issues. No, the multi-billion dollar NFL isn’t going anywhere soon. Commissioner Roger Goodell continues to be a public no-show (9 days and counting) and so far today, there are no new reports of NFL-related arrests. {NFL owners wipe their brows and watch the clock…} Despite the calls for […]

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