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If I coached Roger Goodell this week …

Yesterday I reflected on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual State of the League press conference in Atlanta from a public-relations standpoint, and wrote a post to call it a win and a loss. After I made my thoughts public, I was asked how I would have advised Goodell to answer questions he likely knew would be asked. Since […]

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Goodell posted a PR win — and loss — in State of NFL presser

About 24 hours ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took to a podium in Atlanta, host city of Super Bowl LIII, and scored a win. He scored a bigger loss. There are several reasons why the annual State of the League press conference was a toss-up, and each are posts unto their own. My focus here […]

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Newton was wrong for his Super Bowl pressroom conduct, but shouldn’t be crucified

Super Bowl 50 armchair quarterbacks are running at full force today, and comments are not so much about the game as they are about one player. And that player isn’t Peyton Manning or Von Miller. Cam Newton critics are loud today. Newton’s Law ruled throughout the 2015 football season. With every dab and loud celebration, […]

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