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My take on Marshawn Lynch: He LOVES the attention.

This is going to be short and sweet because I am personally tired of the Marshawn Lynch saying nothing story, as we approach Super Bowl XLIX. The only reason I clicked on any of the posts related to his 2-year-old responses to media was to provide links for this blog. The Seattle Seahawks running back said […]

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Wisconsin company’s endorsement deal with Seahawks’ Wilson is a PR dream

Sometimes public relations professionals work long hours to produce campaigns, craft precisely worded news releases, and hit “send” on messages at just the right moment for businesses. Other times their charismatic, performance driven and kind-hearted football-player endorser leads his team to the Super Bowl and their story tells itself … with thousands of media along […]

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An open letter to Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman

Dear Richard — I was wrong. I experienced a knee-jerk reaction during your rant to FOX Sports’ Erin Andrews and all of us in TV Land, I retweeted something about a Stanford education not teaching you how to act intelligently. I watched you with a “WTF?” look on my face and to those in the […]

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