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Clarity and consistency could have prevented college football conundrum

In public relations, consistent communications help audiences remember you. Create a message that’s easy to recall; repeat the message, emphasize the message and weave that same message into the end of conversations so it’s the last thing people hear. It’s the same theory as marketing’s Rule of 7.  The problem with college, which is at the […]

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NCAA self-inflicts PR pain

Name: It belongs to you. Image: None like yours (unless you’re an identical twin). Likeness: Artist draws a picture of someone with long curly hair pulled back with a distinctive headband that looks like you. Those things make your brand. They identify you better than any publicity or PR campaign could. When we say that […]

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NCAA message misleads say current, former college athletes

Earlier this week, the NCAA released a commercial to promote its brand. This makes sense because we’re in the thick of the NCAA basketball tournaments. What better time to highlight and publicize what you do, right? The problem is the messaging. It doesn’t reflect life for a typical student-athlete, which I assume was the Association’s […]

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Coaches, admins, front office personnel may need PR, media refresher

While more than five dozen college basketball teams are getting ready to learn where they’ll travel for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, today’s social media focus is on a coach accused of behaving unethically toward a reporter. I know those are strong words, but they’re what come to mind when […]

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College athletics caught in admissions scandal

Your opinion about big-time college sports may be based on perception. Professionals that work in athletics publicity do their best to make that perception positive, and overall, I think college sports are among society’s great assets. Athletes say time and again how structure and discipline, along with being part of a team, helps shape their […]

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