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Aaron Rodgers’s smart guy image takes a hit

This post was originally published in SIDEbar, gpublicity’s newsletter. If we learned one thing during the last week it’s the difference between the words “vaccinate” and “immunize.” When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told media in August that he was vaccinated against COVID, his eyes veered downward, and he said he was “immunized.” To me, it felt […]

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Sports making necessary trouble

If 2020 was a movie, I would have walked out months ago. From COVID-19 that continues to hammer our communities to social horrors to powerful voices (including congressman, John Lewis, to whom I nod above) silenced too soon, this year would be headed straight for TV reruns. There’s hope, though. Among other things, sports are […]

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Rodgers adds fuel to publicity fire

First there was a story in which Green Bay Packers personnel, named and anonymous, called out quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ and former coach Mike McCarthy’s leadership. This added to public speculation that the Super Bowl winning duo weren’t as buddy-buddy as each claimed during the past year. A day later, McCarthy disputed elements in Tyler Dunne’s […]

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After Further Review … Meyer’s message plus Smith’s spin equals a PR mess

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer released a letter in response to a media report and within minutes, his recently fired assistant, Zach Smith did a radio interview about his ex-wife Courtney’s domestic abuse accusations. Together the combination made like a parfait made of chocolate syrup, spinach and beets. It was nasty. There are lots […]

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Brett Favre will always be a part of Lambeau Field

There are some sports organizations that do their thing bigger and better than others. With the NFL set to unveil its 2016 Hall of Fame class this weekend, I nod to the league and its teams when I think of businesses that set themselves apart from the rest of the sports world. It maintains immense […]

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Football players at NFL Combine should look up to Donald Driver

The end of the NFL Combine is upon us, so being in Wisconsin, I’m looking back at how a former participant with lofty goals and dreams went about his business, was selected in the seventh round of the NFL Draft and experienced a career that many first-rounders never see. Earlier this month, Donald Driver officially […]

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