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Antonio Brown interrupts NFL’s 100th anniversary PR plan

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell recently told a reporter from Sports Business Journal that he wants the league’s 100thanniversary to be a celebration. Great public relations plan. I’d loved to have helped outline and showcase the league’s rich history. Those 100 years have come with missteps, however. It’s understandable.  It’s hard to keep your nose clean for 36,500 […]

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If I coached Roger Goodell this week …

Yesterday I reflected on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s annual State of the League press conference in Atlanta from a public-relations standpoint, and wrote a post to call it a win and a loss. After I made my thoughts public, I was asked how I would have advised Goodell to answer questions he likely knew would be asked. Since […]

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Goodell posted a PR win — and loss — in State of NFL presser

About 24 hours ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took to a podium in Atlanta, host city of Super Bowl LIII, and scored a win. He scored a bigger loss. There are several reasons why the annual State of the League press conference was a toss-up, and each are posts unto their own. My focus here […]

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NFL commissioner Goodell let public speak for him

It’s been nearly two weeks since the egregious no-call during the Rams-New Orleans NFC Championship game, and league commissioner Roger Goodell still hasn’t spoken publicly about this and other officiating mistakes. It’s a topic that PR and other sports communications professionals should use as case study for years to come. The late-game no-call was most […]

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The NFL could generate great PR beyond the Super Bowl

I was interviewed for a podcast last week when the host asked me about sports organizations that do the public relations thing wrong and what they could do to improve. I was really at a loss because there haven’t been any glaring examples as of late. Well … The host responded with, “you’ve been critical […]

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The NFL, NFLPA legal wrangling has left many deflated

Nearly nine months have passed and frankly, I’m worn out. Had it. I’m deflated. No, I didn’t give birth or anything crazy like that. I’m simply breathing a sigh of relief that U. S. District Court Judge Richard Berman put an end to the madness that we got to know as “Deflategate.” At least for […]

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Leading the Deflategate PR battle is …

During the last weeks, I have read more sports legalese than most anyone who’s not a sports agent should. I have read about more bickering than you will hear at a dinner table with small children. I have read about leaks and lies and they’ve had nothing to do with the CIA. As a sports […]

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Roger Goodell passed on opportunity to reenergize his NFL leadership

Super Bowl XLIX attracted 114.5 million viewers, making it the most watched show in U.S. television history. That’s ALL of television history. Not just sports programming. So it’s all good with the National Football League’s image because so many watched despite a football season fraught with controversy? Right? Not really. The NFL scored BIG thanks […]

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The NFL wanted 24-7 attention and by gosh it’s got it

If you’re the NFL, I imagine you’re saying today to be careful of what you wish for. It seems that only light months ago that the National Football League commanded media attention for thousands of days on end with mostly good news. My how times have changed. And that’s just since yesterday. Or 1 o’clock […]

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