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Emotion and social good wrap Super Bowl pregame

This past pre-Super Bowl week was emotional for a lot of reasons. For one, I spent a lot of time and energy trying to get out of Wisconsin, a state that turned into the biggest block of ice I’ve ever seen or felt – and never want to again.  I missed connecting with friends and peers […]

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Newton was wrong for his Super Bowl pressroom conduct, but shouldn’t be crucified

Super Bowl 50 armchair quarterbacks are running at full force today, and comments are not so much about the game as they are about one player. And that player isn’t Peyton Manning or Von Miller. Cam Newton critics are loud today. Newton’s Law ruled throughout the 2015 football season. With every dab and loud celebration, […]

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The NFL could generate great PR beyond the Super Bowl

I was interviewed for a podcast last week when the host asked me about sports organizations that do the public relations thing wrong and what they could do to improve. I was really at a loss because there haven’t been any glaring examples as of late. Well … The host responded with, “you’ve been critical […]

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Looking for Super Bowl ad momentum after the game

With the NCAA Basketball Tournament nearly upon us, I started to think about advertiser value or as the Association calls them, “corporate partners.” Reports of late reveal that Super Bowl advertisers, while they dish out millions of dollars for a minute of air time during the game, have little message recall or effect on sales […]

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After a chaotic season, drama will drive us to watch Super Bowl XLIX

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It means different things to different people. In the retail world it’s an opportunity to sell more product. For restaurants, it culminates a weekend of game themed food specials and events. For sports fans, it’s all about well, football. It’s been a challenging season for the NFL, the most popular […]

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