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After further review … football dominates PR week

Sometimes you have to know when enough is enough, not just for public relations sake, but your own. After weeks of excuses for statements to statements, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer hasn’t realized that yet. Several Pro Football Hall of Famers may have had enough and suggest they may show it by not attending […]

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After further review … coach goes on a power trip

Alabama football coach Nick Saban helped us forget about Urban Meyer for a day. No, Saban didn’t lie, he was, in layman’s terms, a jerk. The reason I put the two in the same camp is because they violated the simplest of public-relations practices that all coaches, let alone two of the winningest in college […]

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After further review … coaches and athletes need media training

As someone who worked in Division I college athletics and have been involved with pro sports on other levels, I’m familiar with resources available to anyone that wants to make a good impression when they speak with the media. From coaches to athletes, the last few weeks (and prior) have shown that they’re either not […]

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After further review … OSU’s PR is PU

The decision has been made. The Ohio State’s Board of Trustees’ announced that head football coach Urban Meyer will be suspended for three games and docked six weeks pay, and athletics director Gene Smith suspended for a little more than two weeks. After further review … You can’t handle the truth — The word “truth” […]

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After Further Review … Meyer’s message plus Smith’s spin equals a PR mess

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer released a letter in response to a media report and within minutes, his recently fired assistant, Zach Smith did a radio interview about his ex-wife Courtney’s domestic abuse accusations. Together the combination made like a parfait made of chocolate syrup, spinach and beets. It was nasty. There are lots […]

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