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Aaron Rodgers goes for two; doubles down on I’s, me’s and COVID claims

This post was initially published in gpublicity’s newsletter, SIDEbar, November 11, 2021. I, I, I, me, me, me … If Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers approached his regularly scheduled hit with the Pat McAfee Show this week to tame widespread criticism that followed his Friday appearance, I don’t think it worked. If Rodgers’ feelings were hurt, […]

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Aaron Rodgers’s smart guy image takes a hit

This post was originally published in SIDEbar, gpublicity’s newsletter. If we learned one thing during the last week it’s the difference between the words “vaccinate” and “immunize.” When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers told media in August that he was vaccinated against COVID, his eyes veered downward, and he said he was “immunized.” To me, it felt […]

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Gail’s 2-point (PR) stance

Two points. That’s all I have this week. With a hat-tip to Bleacher Report NFL writer Mike Freeman’s 10-point stance, a couple of public relations thoughts as they apply to sports in the news … 1 — Drake is annoying, or a master PR guy That Toronto Raptors “fan” who doesn’t travel with his team* […]

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Rodgers adds fuel to publicity fire

First there was a story in which Green Bay Packers personnel, named and anonymous, called out quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ and former coach Mike McCarthy’s leadership. This added to public speculation that the Super Bowl winning duo weren’t as buddy-buddy as each claimed during the past year. A day later, McCarthy disputed elements in Tyler Dunne’s […]

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