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Coach K: a legacy of basketball and publicity

Will Krzyzewskiville go the way of Henman Hill? Only time will tell. The Mike Krzyzewski era is now in the books. And there are volumes. In his 42 years as head basketball coach at Duke University (47 years total as a head coach), Krzyzewski — Coach K – developed a program that won. A lot. That created infinite […]

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NCAA message misleads say current, former college athletes

Earlier this week, the NCAA released a commercial to promote its brand. This makes sense because we’re in the thick of the NCAA basketball tournaments. What better time to highlight and publicize what you do, right? The problem is the messaging. It doesn’t reflect life for a typical student-athlete, which I assume was the Association’s […]

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Coaches, admins, front office personnel may need PR, media refresher

While more than five dozen college basketball teams are getting ready to learn where they’ll travel for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, today’s social media focus is on a coach accused of behaving unethically toward a reporter. I know those are strong words, but they’re what come to mind when […]

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USF avoided a public-relations misstep when it rescinded coaching offer

Steve Masiello was about to leave one good job for a better one (higher pay and much better weather).  Within a few hours, the contract for him to coach men’s basketball at the University of South Florida was yanked from under his chin and the job rescinded. Masiello won’t move to Tampa because the moving […]

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Louisville’s Kenny Klein occupies the penthouse of sports PR professionals

Editor’s Note: I intended to post this one week after the Final Four. With all that happened in the sports world, including the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, there never seemed to be a “good” time. While I may have waited too long, the fact remains, Kenny Klein’s picture is next to the definition, PR […]

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LeBron, You’ve Got a (an ongoing) PR Problem

Then there’s LeBron. He needs no last name. His basketball career has been documented since puberty. And that’s probably why he says and does things at which we can only shake our heads. Did he physically hurt anyone? No. Did he commit a crime? No. Did he make people mad? Yes…a few (million).

Public relations is ongoing and not necessarily political. In these days of multi-media, you’ve got show a genuine heart.

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