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It’s the season of lists

If you tune into sports or news talk media during the mid-summer, chances are you hear debates about hard-hitting topics such as, who’s the greatest ever — at everything. If it’s news talk, the 500 candidates running for president in 2020 may be asked to rank their favorite foods. If it’s sports talk, it’s who’s […]

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Coaches, admins, front office personnel may need PR, media refresher

While more than five dozen college basketball teams are getting ready to learn where they’ll travel for the first and second rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, today’s social media focus is on a coach accused of behaving unethically toward a reporter. I know those are strong words, but they’re what come to mind when […]

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Media availability is on ASU’s football agenda and reporters rejoice

Herm Edwards has never been one to shy away from a microphone. Sometimes that gets people in trouble, but the Arizona State football coach isn’t concerned. He’s doing just fine in his role with the university. Edwards’ speaks with conviction and he’s teaching his players to do the same. Among his team policies is to […]

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Twitter is like traditional news when it comes to stories that stick

I learned something valuable about Twitter this week and I shouldn’t be surprised. I typically post about sports, public relations, the publishing industry (authors and books), world events when I think my two cents adds something or I feel strongly, and sometimes just fun things I see fly across my screen. Like most of you […]

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UFC tossed years of good publicity in media power play

It wasn’t long ago that decades old sports leagues admired UFC’s creativity, popularity and fan loyalty. Publicity for this mixed martial arts organization was off the charts. Now we see it as a group that may have taken all of its positive publicity for granted. During the past weekend, well-known MMA reporter Ariel Helwani was reportedly […]

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Sports PR is about helping media do their job

Sports PR, along with every industry, has changed, but I maintain that those that publicize teams, individuals and products are in the business of making information and access relatively simple for media that cover them. The opposite seemed to happen in Buffalo today where media received a laundry list of “do nots” that essentially gave “get […]

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10 ways Twitter wins the sports business game

This week, Twitter-owned Periscope celebrated its first anniversary. Last week marked Twitter’s 10th year on our screens. As I’ve written, I use other social media and advise clients to use what meets their needs, but Twitter is my primary social media platform. To many in media and related businesses, Twitter is the first place we visit […]

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Social media is changing the way athletes make big announcements

When it comes to professional athletes announcing their retirements, the media planets are in the process of a major realignment. Last week former Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and Carolina defensive end Jared Allen announced that he was stepping away from professional football after playing 12 years in the NFL. He didn’t issue a press release […]

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Sports network revenue stories educate consumers about more than stock prices

There is reason for sports networks and their corporate parents to be concerned each time a negative revenue report is released in 2016, and it’s not all about dollars and cents on the surface. Sports networks – ok, ESPN in particular – have a PR challenge, one I’m sure everyone in the sports television industry considers […]

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