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It’s the season of lists

If you tune into sports or news talk media during the mid-summer, chances are you hear debates about hard-hitting topics such as, who’s the greatest ever — at everything. If it’s news talk, the 500 candidates running for president in 2020 may be asked to rank their favorite foods. If it’s sports talk, it’s who’s the best quarterback of all time. Or the best Oreo. What would you do if your team won a title? Ten players to sign (any sport) in 2025. Everything is fair game.

Ok, so not so hard-hitting. It is, after all, the doggish days of summer. People are more laid back, some take their calls outside in courtyards or backyards, if they’re working at all. In media, someone is always filling in for someone who’s filling in for … well, you get it.

In sports, we’re in the midst of the MLB All-Star break which means there are only 250 more games to go in the baseball season. Ok, I jest. Just a little. We’re also 12 months into 2019 NBA free agency (amiright). My favorite story from this year’s hoops’ frenzy, was Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about recent California earthquakes so strong that Kawhi Leonard somehow ended up with the Clippers. Football is also on the horizon and it can’t come too soon for most of America.

Let’s be real for a minute, though. Props to the United States Women’s National Soccer Team which won its second straight World Cup and fourth overall. This group of women was crazy inspiring with its talent, work ethic and desire to do more than stick to soccer. To me, the team is equally as exciting in post-event celebrations and continued calls for equal pay to men. Then there’s Wimbledon, which has reached its semi-final round. If you’re not watching, you’re missing some special talent, young and not-as-young. What a thrill to see 38-year old Serena Williams, who doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore and who’s overcome health challenges that would take many of us decades to recover, gut out matches in a quest for a 24th Grand Slam singles title. (If you don’t know pro tennis, that’s a lot of big trophies.) In the “old guy’s can still run” conversation, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal earned their way to a face-off in the semis, Federer notching his 100th Wimbledon win in the quarterfinals.

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But the lists … Ok, back to lists. There are a zillion of them most everywhere you look because for public relations specialists, they’re easy to create, and for media, a great way grab the attention of a crowd chilling on their hammocks, but will rise from a tequila haze when their guy or girl isn’t among the top 3 on a list. They’re great filler for the dog days. Shoot, I’ve even read lists about politicians. Ah, those are lit. (Again, I jest.)

What do you want to know about PR and publicity?

Enjoy the rest of your summer and please let me know if there’s anything you want to know about the whys and hows of PR and I will address them in September and into the fall. Despite what you may read from naysayers, credible PR is built on media and topical study, as well as compelling stories and accurate information. To lie is to lose credibility and gain a career-long negative reputation. If you see or hear otherwise, don’t give it the time of day. That’s why I want to answer your questions.

So, here’s to enjoying sun☀️, a good book📗 and if you’d like, another margarita🍹. Cheers!


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