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Different look, same writer

Welcome to my new blog. And my new look. In an effort to communicate the personal side of the publicity work I do, I decided to use what I identify with best — my own name. I continue to work with and consult with others who know how to do things better than I do […]

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Happy Birthday, Twitter!

You’re a decade old and like many pre-teens, you’re experiencing some growing pains. You’re a bit indecisive (140 characters or 10,000 characters?). You have pimples (abusive accounts remain active after people have begged you to silence harmful trolls). Like in junior high and high school, bullies abound. The Internet as a whole has made people […]

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Wisconsin company’s endorsement deal with Seahawks’ Wilson is a PR dream

Sometimes public relations professionals work long hours to produce campaigns, craft precisely worded news releases, and hit “send” on messages at just the right moment for businesses. Other times their charismatic, performance driven and kind-hearted football-player endorser leads his team to the Super Bowl and their story tells itself … with thousands of media along […]

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Colts owner fails the big game PR test

There are times when someone just shouldn’t speak.  If tempted, zip it. Are you reading this, Jim Irsay? Irsay is a football team owner. He’s not a player, not a coach and not someone who in most circumstances, has to comment more than a public-relations appropriate, “We love(d) our players and we look forward to […]

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Smart NFL players focus. On their finances.

By now, National Football League players are all snug in their roster spots and cashing their multi-zero checks every two weeks… Not so fast. Rookies and veterans alike are smart to keep their focus on the field with one eye and their brains on their bank and investment accounts. As countless stories have been documented, […]

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You didn’t make the NFL cut and you’re ticked

No one can blame you. You’ve just spent the last six weeks working out in an NFL training camp trying to earn a coveted roster spot. You dreamt of playing pro football since you were a kid; there were hours of conditioning, missed family events and nights out with the guys because you were training. […]

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Athletes in NFL training camps: keep comments classy

Athletes competing for NFL roster spots or higher positions on the team ladder face daunting challenges in training camp. The No. 1A task that ranks next to the top priority to stay healthy, is not to make headlines for the wrong reasons. The first thing that comes to mind in our salacious world is the […]

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Milwaukee Brewers, team owner step up to meet PR challenge

If there was any doubt that Milwaukee Brewers owner Mark Attanasio wants to make good on not only a losing season but an unfortunate one for fans after leftfielder Ryan Braun accepted a 65-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s drug program, look no further than words and actions from the club’s front office during […]

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Louisville’s Kenny Klein occupies the penthouse of sports PR professionals

Editor’s Note: I intended to post this one week after the Final Four. With all that happened in the sports world, including the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, there never seemed to be a “good” time. While I may have waited too long, the fact remains, Kenny Klein’s picture is next to the definition, PR […]

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