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The best and worst in PR this week

Like a lot of people who follow and help produce news for a living, some of it was tough to read and hear during the last few months. From sports to politics, the COVID-19 outbreaks got worse, people got uglier in how they dealt with it and then … the elections. So, it’s all over […]

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NFL commissioner Goodell let public speak for him

It’s been nearly two weeks since the egregious no-call during the Rams-New Orleans NFC Championship game, and league commissioner Roger Goodell still hasn’t spoken publicly about this and other officiating mistakes. It’s a topic that PR and other sports communications professionals should use as case study for years to come. The late-game no-call was most […]

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Twitter is like traditional news when it comes to stories that stick

I learned something valuable about Twitter this week and I shouldn’t be surprised. I typically post about sports, public relations, the publishing industry (authors and books), world events when I think my two cents adds something or I feel strongly, and sometimes just fun things I see fly across my screen. Like most of you […]

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After further review … coach goes on a power trip

Alabama football coach Nick Saban helped us forget about Urban Meyer for a day. No, Saban didn’t lie, he was, in layman’s terms, a jerk. The reason I put the two in the same camp is because they violated the simplest of public-relations practices that all coaches, let alone two of the winningest in college […]

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After Further Review … LeBron James is king after all

LeBron James showed this week why is a king. Of his community. I was never a huge LeBron James fan. I respected his hoops magic, but for whatever reason, he wasn’t that “must see” athlete for me. Yesterday changed all of that. He leads this week’s After Further Review. • The man’s got class — […]

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Sports PR is about helping media do their job

Sports PR, along with every industry, has changed, but I maintain that those that publicize teams, individuals and products are in the business of making information and access relatively simple for media that cover them. The opposite seemed to happen in Buffalo today where media received a laundry list of “do nots” that essentially gave “get […]

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Sports PR was front-and-center in this week’s news

It was quite a week of you’re into sports PR case studies. Or just into sports. Sure, there’s that college conference basketball tournament thing. A few overtimes, buzzer-beaters and upsets are always good for a sport that seems to emerge from a regular season slumber at this time each year. [Note to those people: the […]

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Sports network revenue stories educate consumers about more than stock prices

There is reason for sports networks and their corporate parents to be concerned each time a negative revenue report is released in 2016, and it’s not all about dollars and cents on the surface. Sports networks – ok, ESPN in particular – have a PR challenge, one I’m sure everyone in the sports television industry considers […]

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Football players: it’s time to step up your social media game

A few weeks ago I wrote about why coaches and front officer personnel should care about social media and how their players use it. Since NFL training camps started last week and college football practices aren’t far behind, it’s time to address some things that coaches, administrators (including public relations specialists and sports information directors) […]

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