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Social media presents opportunity for young athletes

[This post was previously featured in the June 22, 2021 issue of the gpublicity newsletter, SIDEbar. We repost as college athletics prepares for monumental change in just a few hours.] As we approach July 1 when Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) laws kick in for college athletes in several states, it’s worth mentioning how important […]

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PR during a pandemic can be tricky

My job is to get businesses or people noticed by their ideal audiences and the media. That part hasn’t changed since most of America began to hunker down in wake of the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. How and when to send out publicity pitches — approach people about business news and notes — has become […]

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Race, sports and Dan Le Batard

This took me awhile to post. It’s a sensitive topic. I don’t know sports reporter Dan Le Batard, but I felt his passion and purpose when he ranted against a political-turned-racial rally last week.  That he spoke in a tone not approved by libraries anywhere is not newsworthy. That it was about a hate-infusedpresidential gathering, the […]

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It’s the season of lists

If you tune into sports or news talk media during the mid-summer, chances are you hear debates about hard-hitting topics such as, who’s the greatest ever — at everything. If it’s news talk, the 500 candidates running for president in 2020 may be asked to rank their favorite foods. If it’s sports talk, it’s who’s […]

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Sports replay has a PR problem (really?)

It wasn’t long ago when fans screamed for more video replay to help officials get calls right. I think it was last week. After a Kentucky Derby complaint made moments after Maximum Security was tabbed the unofficial winner and happy interviews aired on NBC Sports, a commission review overturned the result and made Country House […]

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College athletics caught in admissions scandal

Your opinion about big-time college sports may be based on perception. Professionals that work in athletics publicity do their best to make that perception positive, and overall, I think college sports are among society’s great assets. Athletes say time and again how structure and discipline, along with being part of a team, helps shape their […]

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Twitter is like traditional news when it comes to stories that stick

I learned something valuable about Twitter this week and I shouldn’t be surprised. I typically post about sports, public relations, the publishing industry (authors and books), world events when I think my two cents adds something or I feel strongly, and sometimes just fun things I see fly across my screen. Like most of you […]

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