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Public relations begins with customer service

I was reading through a list of “special” days created for feature calendars such as Chase’s Calendar of Events and Brownie Locks and on the latter’s website, came across something called “Customer Service Day” that was scheduled January 17.

While most of that date’s holiday mentions via traditional and social media focuses on that which honors the late civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., and reverentially so, I was surprised to see that someone thought the need to create a day specifically to recognize customer service. After all, shouldn’t Customer Service Day be celebrated everyday?

Showing your customers the finest service should always be Priority One when you consider your business’ public relations. Even if they haven’t spent a dime with you, clients, customers and those who might be should be respected and assisted. To not show personal consideration and thus, class, is to close the door on a current opportunity or one that may arise in the future. There are even ways to be courteous if you don’t want to work with someone – and yes, that happens.

Before you produce a news release or build a Facebook Business Page, be sure that your business has a foundation in place to build positive public relations. That happens the minute someone answers your phone, an email or walks through your door. Be kind, courteous and respectful. Quality customer service is the basis for good PR.

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  1. Your article has made me think about an argument from another context. This is absolutely rare when I change my opinion about such arguments but it looks that you’ve done it. The day has started with something new! Thank you!

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