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Earn fans with a newsletter

Popular publicity question: “Do I need a newsletter?”

If you want to attract attention to your genius, then the answer is yes. You may be an electrician, professional team owner, teacher, sports official, author, doctor, movie producer or anyone else who seeks publicity for their work; the answer is yes

Newsletters don’t get enough credit as a simple way to communicate and build a fan base because some production platforms look — or are — complicated. Some are pretty darn easy, though. That doesn’t mean we don’t have questions about whether they’ll work for us. 

What if I don’t have anything to write?

When it comes to my newsletter, PR topics seem to fall from my brain some weeks, others not as much. You might relate. That doesn’t mean you don’t have knowledge others need, which is why I have a blog (and will launch another related forum). For timelier PR, however, there’s SIDEbar (it’s a free and quick-read. Sign up here).

Look beyond the obvious.

SIDEbar’s focus is (mostly sports) publicity and related PR issues but sometimes I just don’t feel it. Look at your secondary market if you have one (mine is publishing and video publicity) and read or listen to something you may not otherwise. The old “free your mind” thing really works! Search engines are your friends.


You do something better/quicker/more effectively/fun than another person, so share how you get there. *Also great for video. 

Newsletter or social media?

I resisted launching a newsletter, then procrastinated further because I thought social media would accomplish the same things in a fraction of the time. Well, yes it does and no it doesn’t. We don’t own our social media platforms, so the rug could be pulled out from under our screens at any time. If you have a great group of followers on social, they could be gone in a heartbeat if a site owner decides to call it quits or change the format. 

You’ve got talent.

You’ve got skills, or you probably wouldn’t be reading about how to share what you know. Read, watch, talk and beyond everything, listen to the world around you. You probably already have a treasure trove of topics for a newsletter. If you’re still stuck, that’s ok — hire a publicist😂. A lot of us have writing and editing backgrounds and would love to help you create some amazeballs publicity.

How may I help you create your newsletter? Shoot me a note. — g

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