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NFL Combine Q & A with Amy Trask

The NFL Scouting Combine has become yet another major marketing experience on the National Football League calendar and Amy Trask saw its early growth firsthand as CEO of the then-Oakland Raiders under legendary team owner, Al Davis. Today she is an accomplished author and media ace, and also Chairman of the Board for Big3 basketball. […]

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Ionescu card sale escalates women’s sports publicity

Women’s basketball, you’ve come a long way. After decades of clawing for publicity to reach even inches closer to the men’s game, its ratings, business relationships and now collectibles are on the rise. That’s why the sale of Sabrina Ionescu’s rookie card sale alone escalates women’s sports. Ionescu, the WNBA’s first overall draft pick in 2020, […]

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Earn fans with a newsletter

Popular publicity question: “Do I need a newsletter?” If you want to attract attention to your genius, then the answer is yes. You may be an electrician, professional team owner, teacher, sports official, author, doctor, movie producer or anyone else who seeks publicity for their work; the answer is yes.  Newsletters don’t get enough credit as a simple way […]

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Should you create your own podcast?

It feels like at least a dozen new podcasts are introduced each week.  The No. 1 question for anyone who coaches publicity is, who’s listening to the reported 2.4 million shows? The quick answer is revealed in a variety of surveys, but each overwhelmingly identifies white males (54% per earthweb) as the dominant audience, with other demographics growing each month. […]

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Coach K: a legacy of basketball and publicity

Will Krzyzewskiville go the way of Henman Hill? Only time will tell. The Mike Krzyzewski era is now in the books. And there are volumes. In his 42 years as head basketball coach at Duke University (47 years total as a head coach), Krzyzewski — Coach K – developed a program that won. A lot. That created infinite […]

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PR during a pandemic can be tricky

My job is to get businesses or people noticed by their ideal audiences and the media. That part hasn’t changed since most of America began to hunker down in wake of the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic. How and when to send out publicity pitches — approach people about business news and notes — has become […]

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Buzz off buzzwords

Every year seems to have its buzzwords and many are overused. I’m sure that as you read this, you’re forming your own list in your head. I’d just as soon make up words than read these again en masse. So, as we close out the year, can we omit, or at least use the following, […]

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PR scraps left from the NFL-Kaepernick workout

Pretend you own a multi-million-dollar business that’s internationally known, and your affiliates have only increased in value each year they’ve existed. During those flush years, which span more than half a century, your business has staged events for all the world to see. Each of them takes months, even years of planning and a steady, […]

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NCAA self-inflicts PR pain

Name: It belongs to you. Image: None like yours (unless you’re an identical twin). Likeness: Artist draws a picture of someone with long curly hair pulled back with a distinctive headband that looks like you. Those things make your brand. They identify you better than any publicity or PR campaign could. When we say that […]

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