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Cincinnati Reds pitcher reportedly shoplifts and gives brand unintentional notoriety

Disclaimer: This post in no way condones shoplifting or stealing of any kind to generate publicity.

Something just occurred to me, however, after friend and media colleague Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal posted his thoughts after he purchased an American Rag t-shirt to try to find out why Cincinnati Reds pitcher, Mike Leake, would think the brand is so special that he’d steal several of them from Macy’s.

Will people visit their local department store or search online for American Rag t-shirts to discover the big deal on their own? Why would a professional athlete who makes approximately $425,000 per year and have more than $200 cash on his person reportedly steal these shirts?

In a funky state of affairs, I have a feeling that this company will sell a few more shirts this week as inquiring dressers try to answer those questions.

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