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I’ve got some catching up to do!

This is one of those posts in which I emphasize to people to do as I suggest, not as I do. Just WRITE! (And produce video, too.)

I haven’t written in awhile. My focus has been on client projects, but that’s really no excuse. There have been lots of PR and publicity challenges to dissect, but rest assured there are other people out there telling others what to do(!).

In an effort to bring this blog up-to-date, I’ll note a couple of things and how their public actions affect perception:

• Apple CEO and co-founder, Steve Jobs passed away last month. If any of us have ever seen an outpouring of sympathy and appreciation for a businessman and innovator, I haven’t read or heard about it. I can tell you that my life is better for having Steve Jobs’ genius in it. I don’t know that I would have had the patience to happily thrive in a PC world as I have with Apple products. I credit his presentations and product styles with inspiring me to do great things — something on which I continue to work — and allowing me to be creative and productive without having to truly grow up.

• The National Basketball Association is in the midst of a lockout, and in reading fan sentiment, few seem to care, at least compared to those who screamed for a solution to the NFL’s labor situation, then celebrated that league’s return to work, during the summer. Lots of people were already incensed with the NBA; its ticket prices could be exorbitant and player salaries out of control. If the lockout lasts much longer, the NBA may be calling Major League Baseball to find out how to lure a fan base back to its brand.

The people who truly lose in this standoff are those who work for arenas that remain empty, concessionaires, parking attendants, restauranteurs that thrive on game day diners and others.

• On the other side of the NBA lockout is the potential extra time and space that sports journalists have to fill. If you have a colorful, engaging and attention-grabbing sports story, now’s the time to pitch it. (Remember, Tuesday is an off-day for the NFL.)

• It seemed that few collegiate athletics organizations could have a bigger PR problem than the BCS, which gets ripped by fans and media each fall. Never fear, because this year, collegiate conferences are here to take some of the critical slack from the Bowl Championship Series. While treasured athletic teams play out their hearts on the field, league leaders are diverting their conference flight plans for the coming years. I accept that everything changes, but does it really have to be in the midst of an athletic season? Let’s return the attention to the field and courts of play. For the sake of the kids, please…

There are other stories that deserve and will get their due. For now, it’s back to working to make PUBLISIDE clients look great. Please feel free to let me know what publicity and PR issues concern you.

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