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Johnny Football must become Johnny Truth. Today.

Never mind the Biogenesis-related Major League Baseball suspensions that are being announced as I write. We expected those. What we didn’t see coming is the latest sports crisis at the hands of Texas A & M and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

Last night ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell reported that Manziel, who has been the focus of a few sensational stories this summer, may have received cash in return for signing memorabilia. All you have to do is crack the NCAA Rules Book to Bylaw to know that student-athletes are prohibited from accepting money for promoting or advertising the commercial sale of a product or service.

Today it’s reported that more than one collector is part of the story and a broker was told by Nate Fitch, Manziel’s friend and personal assistant, that the college QB would no longer sign items for free.

If these allegations are true, Manziel, who has reportedly met with Texas A & M officials, must say so to the media. Today. Tell the world what you did, take whatever discipline the NCAA dishes out and move forward. Nothing may be gained from hiding the truth. Scores of athletes will tell you that.

Again, we don’t know if these accusations are true. But if they are, come clean now. It’s not only good from a public-relations sense, but it will be muted by the Alex Rodriguez-led roster of suspended PED users.


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