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PGA golfer Steve Elkington knows how to tick off a lot of people

While I wish I would have been quicker to write about the exemplary presser NFL Draft prospect Michael Sam conducted at the NFL Combine during the weekend (it’s a must-watch for ALL athletes), it’s the negative that drives me to write before a Twitter violator hits “SEND” again.

Multiple PGA Tour title winner Steve Elkington, who has a history of tweeting racially and insensitive “jokes,” was at it again. He tastelessly wrote something about Sam, who recently came out publicly as gay, doing a “purse toss” at the NFL Combine. I had to read the tweet twice because there has been overwhelming public support for Sam who is known to play hard and be a dynamic teammate. Something derogatory from a professional athlete who has been around the proverbial block? Nah, I thought.

I was wrong.

To make matters worse, Elkington tried to clarify his tweet. It only proved that some people should think 10 times before hitting “SEND.” If you’re Elkington, tweet ONLY about golf round-by-round, the game’s technology and skill requirements, or, and I rarely say this, or just don’t tweet. Elkington’s history on the medium isn’t a good one. He’s been known to tweet racist comments and tasteless things about women, thoughts which truly don’t contribute anything of value to a fan base, and undoubtedly tick off any remaining sponsors he may have.

This is more than a reminder about  learning and practicing respect for others. It’s a word of warning for anyone who might want to open a public address with or tweet a joke. Unless you’re 120 percent sure it will pass a smell test, just don’t. It will do your image well.



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